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Right Atmosphere for education of Child

Right Atmosphere for education of Child


In our earlier post, we have discussed about school admission. We believe, to nurture your children’s eventual development, a proper atmosphere at educational institutions is very much essential to tender your decision before admission. 

The right atmosphere for education of child is when he or she learns to respect the elderly in house. This is the starting point of basic education and if these values are correctly put in at the right age then the individual is really golden in character.

It has been observed those obedient individuals no matter what the background and where the origin is; they are bound to shine by dearth of this rare quality.  Such is the impact that many a time it saves lives from the clutches of evil.

So this the genesis for the right atmosphere to start and ideally it should start at home first. These are the most essential values that define the individual in the later years of life. The right direction in life can be achieved by obedience as well. These qualities actually make life easy to live and enjoy. At first though it might seem very difficult to reconcile with the mature advice of parents or grand parents but it so happens that events start to show their favor for us and ultimately such individuals also win the battle of life.

GOD it seems deem those individuals happy who seek always the company of the wise and wisdom as a way of life. It is this rare virtue that can give immense happiness and peace of mind. In many ancient Buddhist texts and religious discourses the essence of wisdom is stressed by the Buddha and how it affects in what we speak, how we think and in our actions that we perform.

In very few schools we see teachings of Lord Buddha being discussed or a session is devoted regarding religious teachings of Vedas?

If this is followed then an individual can attain wholesome and balanced growth.  

So I may also say that the right atmosphere for education of child can begin in a University like Nalanda which existed several centuries ago and which had nurtured the best of the intellectuals of previous centuries. The concept of saying this is that right atmosphere for education of child can begin where the honey of the Vedas is churned in young minds that are eager to know about the world for which they are raring to go.

In modern times it might seem these ideas as out of context but it is possible that translation in Vedas and religious teaching by Buddha be prescribed in form of textbooks for schools and colleges with English as medium of instruction. 

It is for sure young minds that have been exposed to teaching or have ideas even of Mahatma Gandhi and how he practiced them in his simple experiments with truth can create the best of talent that our country needs and expects to develop such individuals.

Malthus a famous economist described in his book THE WEALTH OF NATIONS that “a nation is as great as the collective goodwill of its people.” 

So the right atmosphere for education of child is also the collective good will of its people, the Government and Universities where if ideas as noble as the Vedas or wisdom as Buddha or Truthful as Gandhi is practiced and preached then the wealth of nations is really great and amazing.

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