Tuesday, April 28, 2015

School Admissions

School Admissions


School admissions are going to start in June this year for all classes. As usual students along with their parents will visit school premises along with their credentials for admissions and completing formalities. School management is also busy with their schedule to suitably fill all the vacancies that exist.

At this juncture it is very important that parents keep in mind the following points before approaching for admission in any school. They are:-

2. Teaching methodology used is of a prescribed standard?

3. Cleanliness, hygiene is maintained at all times within the school premises?

4. Tuition fees charged is as per govt guidelines or as per the affiliation of board of education?

5. Books used like NCERT or only reference material is being used for teaching purpose?

School is an important meeting ground for children where they come in contact with new concepts of life for example cbse new subjects like history, Math, English, Hindi, Science, Economics, etc. If teaching is done properly then not only it will put confidence in children but also fill them with joy and urge to learn more. Pre School is the right stage where we can fill a child’s mind with inquisitiveness or an urge to know more about how things may happen, why they happen, and what is the outcome.

Unfortunately school admissions have become nowadays a matter of money, school reputation, and teacher fighting among them regarding their low pay or issues like activism, school politics, and exploitation of staff for reasons which we have seen in sitcoms like Crime Patrol.

School is a place from where society gets its adults who later become also a part of the society and contribute to its woes of problems and solutions whatever the issue. So in every earnest it should be made mandatory that schools are sufficient to provide good schooling to students that include the right blend of moral values and knowledge of subjects.

A right or wrong school admission can make or ruin a life. If this aspect is understood by the parent then all can sail through a smooth time and life may seem more hassle free experience related to upbringing and youth. Our govt does very little to improve the situation of a happy school life and moreover blames the situation on management of such schools like public or private. Even if it is a govt school we get to hear from children like very low number of classes being taken or teacher is not coming. The mid day meal is not proper or served in unclean utensils.

There might be incidences of a teacher beating up a student brutally and then he/she falls sick or may even die or commit suicide due to excessive abuse by untrained or psychologically unbalanced teachers.

School admission is the first step towards to meaningful life initiative it should not become such a dreadful topic as we hear nowadays of students committing suicide or teacher beating up a student or school dropouts becoming a trend.

It should rather be as the proverb “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” concept. If it is like this then it is good for all of us.

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