Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jio Database leaked: What best you can do to prevent harm

Jio Database leaked: What best you can do to prevent harm



It is now on the news that Jio database is available online for sale. Here is the reditt post. The website is down though the hackers will try different methods to sale them and harm you. Their detailed product description of reliance jio database is on this screen shot :

More shocking news is: A Script is being published online in a forum post almost 3 months ago which could fetch details of a Jio number including client id and email id. The script is though couldn't fetch aadhaar number. (Note, I have not personally tried this software and would not suggest you to do so). 

Though Reliance is claiming their users data is secured and the sale is fake. 

But you must be careful of your biometric data. This has every information relating your bank, telephone/mobile and family members. You get all Govt facilities by aadhaar number and linked bank account.

What is the best solution you should opt to protect your data and any illegal activities?

Well I suggest, you lock your aadhaar data immediately. 

Now how to lock aadhaar data?

To do that, you need to visit udai website to lock aadhaar biomatric data.

know how to lock aadhaar data - visit udai resident website

Step 1: Open UDAI resident website.  Click here.

Step 2: Make sure https is active.

Step 3: Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number and security code.

Step 4: Click on "Generate OTP".

Step 5: Now enter OTP (as received on your registered mobile) in the same page (right hand side).

Step 6: Click Verify.

Step 7: Now Enable biomatric locking page opens with current status.

Step 8: Enter security code.

Step 9: Then click Enable to activate it. 

Step 10: Confirmation message displayed on screen.

Voila! your information is secured.

In case of you require to unlock aadhaar data you need to disable the feature. The method is same. You need to follow step one to step 6 then click Disable to deactivate the feature.



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