Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why MTNL/BSNL broadband is better than others

Why MTNL/BSNL broadband is better than other Service Providers


MTNL/BSNL offers various broadband packages. The price is much higher in comparison to other private broadband service provider like airtel broadband, den boomband, hayat, tikona, etc. The private service providers also offer better service at fault resolution. MTNL/BSNL also provides good service in many regions but if you compare, private broadband providers are better. 

Now in regards to above, if you ask me which service I would like to opt I would definitely tell you that my vote will always be BSNL/MTNL. I know I am paying more for a 2 mbps data connection with a satisfactory service. But the hidden truth is speed factor. BSNL/MTNL offers dedicated 2mbps connection direct to its customers. That means you get pure 2mbps download speed. Other private broadband service always offer shared service. That means your speed get divided among current users of the hub. If you have 2mbps connection and 25 users are using the same bandwidth then 2mbps will be divided within 25 members and each will get same speed of  0.08mbps simultaneously. If you still do not agree with their service you can use this sample letter to mtnl for disconnection of broadband and submit to the authority and switch to other private service.



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