Friday, July 10, 2015

Ride with OLA cab referral code: 1BP3XV get Rs.200 + Bonus Rs.200 + Rs.250

Ride with OLA cab referral code: 1BP3XV and get benefit worth Rs.650.00


Get your Ola cab rides free by downloading OLA App (Windows App || Android App || iOS App) and registering with the OLA referral code: 1BP3XV and applying some other codes mentioned below for further benefits.

The writer himself tried Ola service several times and tested both auto and small car service and very much pleased with their service. As in my previous writing I have shared my first experience with the OLA app for android. Where I have traveled 11.4km by an ac car only for Rs.115. I am going to share my further experience with you.

Steps to avail Ola cab referral and special offers:

  1. Download Ola app for Windows App || Android App || iOS App in your mobile phone.
  2. Sign up for a New Account within ola app.
  3. Use Ola Referral Code during signup: 1BP3XV
  4. Under this Ola Offer, you will get Rs. 200 worth Ola Money instantly free and can apply to encash immediately. You can find this amount in OLA Money balance (select menu option on top left of your mobile screen).
  5. You will find in the map Cabs/Autos near by your location and estimated time to reach to your place of journey. In OLA app book with one-touch ride now (enables you book in 5min)/ride later (enables you book for journey after 2 hrs) option and enjoy a seamless travel experience. You can also book Taxi for sure through OLA app. But hold on. Do not book your first ride now. There is some more free money available for you
  6. While booking for the first time, you can also get addotional Rs.200 OLA money. All you need to do click on mini/sedan/prime car and select(touch) on apply coupon. Enter APP200 to get Rs.200 OLA cash as additional benefit.
  7. Now time to apply 3rd benefit for Rs.250. 
  8. Use freecharge application (freecharge app for Windows App || Android App || iOS App) and recharge for only Rs.50 to any of your mobile and get OLA cab promotional coupon code. Apply the ola cab coupon code immediately as it has less validity period. 
  9. To do this you need to select menu (just beside address bar) >> select OLA money >> scroll down to use recharge code >> then apply ola cab recharge code you have just received from your freecharge app.

The writer again used OLA mini (Maruti Wagnor car) with full a/c on and returned from Rohini Sec 09 to Tilak Nagar for only Rs.182 without any discount. (Rs.182 for total journey in an a/c cab in New Delhi!!! I am surprised again!!!) It’s again an astonishing experience for me to ride in an air-conditioned cab at a price of Auto fare. For the same distance OLA Auto costs Rs.112 including Rs.10 OLA booking charges. Rs.70/- more for ac taxi. It's amazing!!! 
At Completion of journey received billing information within ola cab app and also through SMS (this helps cross check with driver’s bill amount). I have rated driver Arwind 4 star. 1 less because he has arrived a little late and was driving very slow for which it took more time to reach destination and my ride time charges were rupees 5-7 more than usual but, considering his good behavior and honesty (he returned few money I have paid by mistake), I have rated him 4*. 

Keep in mind, less time you travel less Ride Time amount you have to pay.

Most drawback of this app is it doesn't detect proper address. And even if you type, it shows it's own.



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