Friday, June 26, 2015

National Vaccine Reminder

National Vaccine Reminder Service


National Vaccine Reminder ServiceGift your child a healthy life... For a healthy future generation you can enroll your child name to National Vaccine Reminder Service which is a free service provided by worlds largest vaccination reminder service provider Immunize India in association with Indian Academy of Pediatrics. This service is launched in 2012 but yet to cover every Indian children due to lack of awareness program.

All you need to do is to SMS your child's name and date of birth to 566778 from any mobile network in India as per the following format:

Immunize [space] child's name [space] child's date of birth.

For Example: Immunize Krishna 01-01-2015 and send to >> 566778

Reminder for every vaccination of the child will be sent through SMS to you 2 days in advance right to your mobile device. This service will continue till the time your child is 12 years old. This way you will not forget the vaccination date of your child and gift your child a healthy life ahead.

You are therefore requested to share this or similar pages you come across to help your child, your relatives children and/or neighborhood children a better and healthy life. Our moto is to create a mass awareness among parents to build a better future by following proper vaccination at right time to new born and grow up babies.



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