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Toll Free Number For Anti Ragging

Toll Free Number For Anti Ragging


Ragging is a Crime. If you face/see any kind of ragging then you should contact anti-ragging cell immediately without any delay. There is a toll free number also available to protect innocent students/victims. This way you help institutional organizations, as well as society from getting polluted whether education is your right and bright career is your utmost goal.
24x7 Helpline number for anti ragging : 1800 180 5522

You can also write mail to:

Alternatively, you can also dial 100 or contact local police station immediately.

Ragging is a criminal offence. It is violation of human rights. Ragging is punishable under "Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997" upto 10 years of imprisonment and fine of Rs 50000 apart from dismissal from the college (Which will lead to no further admission in any college).

There is several incidents still taking places due to new comers fear. You are requested not to fear and report immediately. This way you can protect yourself and help other students also.

Punishments for Ragging / Abetting ragging under Sec.4.0 of Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997:
Sec.OffenceImprisonmentFine in Rs.
4.1 Teasing6 Months1,000/-
4.2Assault / Criminal Force1 Year2,000/-
4.3Wrongful Restraint2 Years5,000/-
4.4Causes grievous hurt / kidnap/abduct / rape / unnatural hurt5 Years10,000/-
4.4Causes Death10 Years50,000/-
Apart from the above, the other punishments are like suspension / dismissal /expulsion from the college/ institutions and debarring from admission to any other institutions.

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